Elle Varner – Birthday (Feat 50 Cent)


Elle Varner sexy ass wants to make everyday my birthday, and its for that reason and that reason alone that she nabs Single Of The Week. Thirst aside Varner’s latest single simply titled ‘Birthday’ is a versatile track that could’ve easily gotten been given a club killer status if not for the competition. The song opens up with a strong verse from 50 cent spitting about how he goes hard for his, even sneaking in this line “50 shades of 50 we freaky when you ain’t” Β his entire presence on the track is reminiscent of a younger 50 even chanting “Go” repeatedly over the chorus as Β a nod to his hit song “In Da Club”. Anyways enough about 50, and more about bae. The give it to you singer takes on a more seductive tone on this track, singing about how well she caters to her man, insisting *sexy voice* “you can have it your way”. We haven’t heard from Varner in a while so its good to see that she’s active and if my research is correct, she may possibly be blessing us with another album. What do y’all think?


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