Enter The Spotlight – Meet FR$H

DJ’s always have their ears to the ground, listening for the next big anthem or hot new artist, and I’m no different. couple that with me being born and raised in the DMV it would make sense that i’m always looking out for home grown talent on the come up. That is Spotlight’s true purpose: giving musicians, artist and visionaries of the DMV a platform where they can shine and be heard. So for the very first installment in the Spotlight series I am proud to introduce you to FR$H.


Born In Italy and raised in Maryland his whole life FR$H always had a fascination with hip hop, and spent most of his time back in 2011 experimenting with his sound with 2wela his right hand and other half of Strivers Row Music. The two artist got better with time, and after plenty of positive feedback and support from their peers they decided to take music seriously and according to FR$H ” take my artistry as far as i can.” When asked about the artist that influenced his music The MD native quoted Wiz Khalifa as a major influence saying “Everyone that listens to my shit says I sound like him it kinda pisses me off… but I started rapping around the same time I found out about wiz, and I smoke everyday so when he came on the scene you could say his sound kinda rubbed off. But i fucks wit Wiz so yeah.”  With all the struggles artist on the come up face it can be hard to find a reason to stay motivated and inspired so when asked about what keeps him going FR$H simply said “My immediate family. I gotta get them out the way. Been through it all with them so it’s only right. That’s it for real.”

FR$H recently just released his new mixtape: Bleeding Art 2 and I will go on record to say that the potential is there. The 11 song project is packed with with everything from bangers to tracks that tackle social and political issues, all the while providing the listener some smooth shit to vibe to. As a final question I asked FR$H where he see’s himself in 3 years and this was his answer: ” I see myself on stage. I’m not stopping. I’m always looking for sick beats. I’m always writing. I’m always smoking. So yeah. Strivers Row is coming. Mark my words.” Halfway through the mixtape I marked him as someone to watch in the coming years, and honestly you should too.




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