DJ Of The Week – Meet DJ Freeez

The idea behind DJ Of The Week was to create a platform where REAL DJ’s on the come up could shine and receive recognition. Nowadays with music and budget DJ gear being widely available, anyone can call themselves a DJ without first putting in the time and effort it takes to learn the craft. So we are here to draw the line and set the real apart from the gimmicks. Now with all that being said, allow me Introduce you DJ Freeez.

Dj Of The Week 1

Hailing all the way from Somerset New Jersey, Freeez began his career in djing, back in 2006, with the intentions of mixing the songs of local artist’s and creating mixtapes. During that time in Somerset, the only two genres of music that were played during parties were Hip Hop & Jersey Club Music, and while everyone generally liked hip hop music they loved Jersey Club Music (C’mon Its Jersey!). During that time According to Freeez ” I was THAT guy with the most Jersey Club connects” so naturally Freeez became highly requested in the house party scene in high school. It is during this period where Freeez learned all the skills that separate the enthusiasts from the professionals, such as learning to read the crowd and proper song selection, blending and transitioning, cutting, scratching and a number of other DJ techniques, that separate him from the rest. All that experience, momentum and passion for his craft carried over to college, Bowie State University in Prince George’s County Maryland. The first time i heard Freeez play was during a impromptu DJ battle held at BSU a year before I started going there. This was early on in my own career as a DJ, and I vividly remember a feeling of being outclassed after hearing his set (and I’m hard to outclass) and picking up on all the tricks and techniques and realizing the level of skill required to make it possible. Although Freeez lost that battle, it was only because (in my opinion at least) the other DJ wowed the crowd with Flashy, but obvious scratching techniques. But from then on Freeez had my respect as a DJ. When I asked Freeez about the music he likes to spin at parties his answer was interesting

“My music selection reminds me of being on drugs; I like my crowd to experience a high that they don’t want to come down from. I play a lot of upbeat music, tracks with heavy bass and addictive melodies – all genres do that, so I don’t limit myself to any specific genres. I like to make sure I bring back memories with certain songs I play, then I like playing songs that can make a person go crazy when the bass drops.”

Despite its appearance DJing is a lot of work, between the cost of equipment and the amount of time necessary to curate the right music for the right event, and that’s only scratching the surface. Being a full time DJ definitely taught me things about myself I otherwise would not have discovered, and Its always interesting to hear from other DJ’s what their experiences were so as a final question I asked Freeez what DJing had taught him.

“DJing has definitely taught me the business of life, literally. In the business of life you can’t let anyone tell you how to live and you can’t let anyone judge you or dictate who you are. Life wants us all to look the same, sound the same; trends. Living has a high cost in America, and I choose to live one song at a time through the music I play and create. Good music will never be duplicated, like me. Music and DJing is an art form and it’s the way I express myself.” 

Every DJ is different. They all have their own unique style, techniques, and ways of interacting with the crowd. Although DJ’s are different, there should always be a common factor: A love for music and passion for their craft. Those two things will always set apart the real from the fakes, and those individuals will always have a place here on this site.

You can follow DJ Freeez who recently made his debut on 93.9 WKYS, on Instagram, Twitter & Soundcloud @WHOisFREEEZ . Make to listen to his mixes on Soundcloud!


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