Travis $cott – 3500 & Lil Wayne – HotBoy Remix Double Feature!

Since Club Killer wasn’t updated last week I gotta double feature for y’all this week to make up for it! Travis $cott – 3500 (feat Future and 2 Chainz/ Lil Wayne – Hot Boyz Remix (feat Bankroll Fresh, Turk, & Juvenille)

First up we have 3500 (for the coat) from Mr. La Flame himself with some help from Atlanta’s hottest rapper 2 Chainz & Future. First of all the production on this song is amazing. Seriously hats off to Zaytoven, Mike Dean and Metro Boomin for killing this shit. Travis $cott has a true talent for creating songs that get its listeners hyped and fills them with energy, and this song is no different, in fact one could say that its the songs one true purpose. 3500 is sure to be a track that will annihilate the clubs this summer, and it will be the first of many with $cott FINALLY rolling out his debut album Rodeo…Its gonna be a great summer


Lil Wayne – HotBoy Remix (Ft Bankroll Fresh, Turk & Juvenille)


Up next we have the Hip Hop veteran Lil Wayne staging a comeback of sorts with the Cash Money super group: The Hotboys, along with Bankroll Fresh. I have been very hard on Wayne these past few years, not because I didn’t think he was good but at the time I just thought he stopped trying. I guess all the drama from the Cash Money fallout has given Wayne the motivation the New Orleans rapper needed to put out some heat. The song Hot Boys originally featured just Wayne but not even 24 hrs later Hot Boy members Turk & Juvenille jumped on and made it an unofficial reunion. What do y’all think? I personally feel that Wayne is putting out heat! Be sure to leave a comment and tell us what you’re thoughts are.


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