K Camp – Comfortable & Miguel – Flesh Double Feature!

I was really busy over the last week so i was unable to update the site, but im back now and as a way to make up for it I good a double feature for y’all! K Camp – Comfortable & Miguel – Flesh let’s get into it!k-camp-comfortable

2015 XXL freshman K Camp is pretty consistent with his music and has seen great success when it comes to making tracks that dominate airwaves and the clubs alike for weeks, sometimes even months at a time. His newest single ‘Comfortable’ is no different. K Camp does a very nice job singing the hook (I swore up and down that it was Jeremih at first) and then coming back with some smooth verses about how him and his lady friend should just get comfortable and chill to finish off. This song would be ideal for when your cruising down 95 with Bae (or Bae’s I’m not knocking anybody 😉 ) K Camp’s Debut album should be dropping sometime this summer, and this is a very good start. Tell me what you think in the comments below!

Miguel – Flesh


With Miguel’s new album Wildheart dropping on June 29th, the Adorn singer is in full promo mode at this point. Miguel actually dropped 3 songs this week but Flesh was definitely a stand out track. The track itself is sensual in nature with Miguel using his voice to sing about lust and temptation that comes with desiring a woman’s body. The use of the word flesh while singing about lust, gives an impression on sinful desires, something that we know we can’t have which of course makes us want it more. I can easily see this song being responsible for the conception of many children in the near future. Miguel new album Wildheart is shaping up to be a great R&B album. Are you excited? What do you think Of Flesh? Be sure to comment below!


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