Dr. Dre – Compton The Soundtrack.


Ok so before we go any further we need to define ‘Compton’ . In my honest to God opinion I don’t consider this to be a Dr.Dre album, like the title suggests its a soundtrack. There are way too many features on it to be considered and album. Honestly it sounds more like a compilation tape. Dre’s albums have always been feature heavy in the past but this is pushing it. Now with that being said this was the best damn sound track I’ve ever heard. As a producer Dre has done nothing but excel and this soundtrack is very sonically appealing. (I’ve never gotten to use sonically in a sentence before thanks Dre šŸ™Œ) this soundtrack puts people like (no shade) DJ Khaled to shame just on how well put together it is. And the features on here? šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„I tried my best but I failed to hear one wack verse. The soundtrack features contributions from OG’s in the game like Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, even Xzibit makes and an appearance (albeit a disturbing one but still dope) while still being littered with features from today’s biggest names in hip hop like Kendrick Lamar , Jon Connor & The Game and even makes room for some extremely talented new comers like King Mez (he’s the one who murks the intro track) Justus and Anderson. Paak. If I had to pick my favorite track it would have to be deep water. Everything from the production of the song to the lyrics just gets me hype. All in all this is a great body of work from Dr. Dre and it will probably be his last, which is why you should go out show support and actually buy the album, especially since Dre has said that he is going to donate his portion of album sales to the city of Compton in order to build a creative arts center. I already bought mine and I’m searching for a hard copy to buy to add to my CD collection. Anyways stay tuned for more music and DJ mixes! āœŒ


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