God Said Trap, And Jay IDK Listened.


Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge In the form of Suburban Trap Music.

I remember the first time I ever heard about Jay IDK. It was about 2012, and my man Bllesah played me Jay’s Song In My Life, that he produced. In my life was a hype track meant to turn up the club, with Jay dropping some fire lyrics and a dope hook, and my man Bllessah killing the production. The quality of the song was levels above what other local artists were putting out so I noted to myself keep an eye out for this guy. He then went on to put out Sex Drugs & Homework, a project that made waves in the dmv area. Now here in the 2k15 Jay Is back with SubTrap, and trust me when I say the growth is real. Jay IDK is aiming to be the musical plug packing the 15 track project with whatever you need, Conscious rap ✔, Trap music ✔✔, Some smooth shit for the ladies ✔ Club Killers ✔ and even a couple radio singles in there. I cannot stress how amazing the quality of this project is especially coming from an independent artist, with Jay giving listeners a glimpse into his life as he tries to make it as a rapper with clever lyrics and aggressive wordplay on top of tough production. The project feels more like a story with every single song tying into another. You don’t have to just take my word for it give it a listen and hear for yourself. SubTrap is available now & can be purchased on iTunes and Google Play. Support the home team!


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