Drake & Future – What A Time To Be Alive

Oh what a time……

Last week the biggest collaboration since the 2011 joint album Watch the Throne featuring Jay Z & Kanye West took hip-hop fans by complete surprise: Drake the self proclaimed 6 God, & Future Hendrix came together to create What A Time To Be Alive & take my word for it the tape is filled with some serious heat.



The tape itself feels like it was custom made for Future but Drake has absolutely no problems adapting his flow to sound right at home over top some dope production from some of today’s hottest producers mainly Metro Boomin (Who really comes through with the W) who is responsible for majority of the beats on the tape collaborating with other producers like 40 Boi-1da & Southside. On the tape we find Future fresh from the success of his most recent release Dirty Sprite 2. In fact this almost feels like the extended version, with Future continuing to proclaim his love for lean and other substances while at the same time brandishing the title of being the plug. It’s a well known fact that Future isn’t the most lyrical rapper in the rap game but what he lacks in lyrical ability he makes up with his unique flow ( which has been adopted by rappers across the board ) and having the hook game on lock. Couple that with his dopeboy lyrics and its not hard to understand why the Future hive is an actual thing. But on this project there are moments Futures lyrics are often repetitive and basic and at times are only carried by the production. But there are other times where that unique flow and A1 hook game shine on tracks like his solo cut Jersey,Ā  Live From The Gutter, Scholarships & of course my favorite track of the mixtape Jumpman. Future has definitely made a comeback and from the sound of it he’s here to stay.

Fans were expecting Drake’s next project to be Views From The 6, so everyone myself included were very pleasantly surprised at the joint project. Like I said earlier the project sounds like it was custom made for Future and the there are moments that Drake just feels like he is just along for the ride BUT, there are moments, many moments actually where Drake’s newfound aggressiveness tends to be the dominant presence on some of the of the songs on the mixtape. Drake shines on cuts like Big Rings using an agressive flow right out the gate to kick off the track. Diamonds Dancing is another cut that both Drake and Future kill, with Drizzy slowing down his flow and using a sing song voice to match the sinister metro boomin production that he and Future harmonizes over. In my own opinion Drake absolutely steals the show on Jumpman with Drake indeed finding his tempo Iike DJ Mustard. The 6 God is feeling himself after his victory over Meek Mill over the summer and it makes for some hot ass bangers. 30 for 30 is possibly the best song on the project that should please classic Drake Fans.


The fact that this project was assembled in 6 days just goes to show how talented both artists are. Sure there are tracks that feel hastily slapped together but there are also a good amount of gems on the tape that will be taking over the airwaves very shortly. My biggest problem is not with the lyrics or the production, its really the fact that this is a mixtape that we had to pay for. But somehow I get the feeling I’m the only one with a problem with that lol.

Well what did you think? Am I tripping or right on the money? Be sure to give the project a listen for yourself and be sure to leave comments below!!

Listen Here


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