Mac Miller – GO:OD AM

Good Morning from Mr. Miller.


I’ve never really been a big Mac Miller fan. Not that I don’t think he’s good its just his music never really appealed to me, that is until now. When I listened to GO:OD AM last week I found myself very pleasantly surprised at how good it is. The 17 track album is such a smooth listen, I didn’t feel the need to skip through the project at all. I honestly did not expect this from Mac Miller, who despite all his talent can be pretty hit or miss in my own opinion…. But for GO:OD AM Miller came through with the W for this one. GO:OD AM is definetly vibing music with Miller’s playful lyrics and uberchill, production, all the while showcasing Miller’s growth as an artist and as a person. There are a total of 5 features on the album coming from various artists like Ab-soul who lends some of his infinite bars to Mac on “Two Matches”, Lil B Who provides some spoken word on “Time Flies”.Ā  Mac and Miguel team up for the pretty dope/chill track “The Weekend”. This next feature came out of left field for me: Chief Keef on “Cut The Check” although Sosa actually does a good job šŸ‘…..And finally Little Dragon, lending their vocals to the album’s outro “Festival”


Although he isn’t listed as a feature on the album Juicy J briefly pops on “Break the Law” School Boy Q showed up for a hilarious skit about getting pulled over. There are moments on the album where Mac Miller gets extremely personal, on tracks like “The Perfect Circle/Godspeed” venting about his recent struggles with addiction, and how it has affected his relationships with family and friends and “Ascension” where Miller talks about getting his act together. Mac also slow’s things down significantly on “Ros” asking for all of someones love. Some of my favorite songs are Brand Name, Rush hour, Two Matches, 100 Grandkids The Weekend, The Clubhouse, In the bag, Break the Law and Cut The Check & Jump. That’s more than half the album That’s how good it is. This album is turning out to be one of my favorite albums of the whole year, and it makes me glad that miller got up and got his shit together. On the track “Ascension” Miller sings on the hook “between heaven and hell; A brand new me” which to me suggests that Millers making changes for the better and this is only the beginning. Hell the title of the Album “GO:OD AM” suggests (to me anyways) a new day, and given the quality of this project that means good things.

Well what do you think? Am I tripping or am I right on the money? Give the project a listen and hear for yourself!



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