Raury – Forbidden Knowledge FT Big K.R.I.T.

Raury: Andre 3000 Reincarnated?


2015 XXL Freshman Raury has been relatively quiet since making the list earlier this year. Raury has always flown below the radar in my own opinion, with a lot of people wondering just who he is and what he’s about. Its hard to classify Raury as a rapper but one thing that should be noted about the ATLien is that Andre 3 Stacks is strong within him, and it shows on his latest track Forbidden Knowledge. The track starts out with a light hearted choir & guitar and kick drum infused production and once Raury starts flowing he doesn’t stop, and hits his listeners with philosophical, thought provoking bars, commenting on social issues that plague the african american youth. Big K.R.I.T. gives him a hand closing out the track and I have to say the pair works well together, with their combined sound on the track reminiscent of ATL OG’s OutKast. Raury is slated to release his debut album All We Need on October 16th.

Be sure to give the track and listen and tell us what you think!


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