Mr.West Is In The Building


Kanye Links Up With Kendrick Lamar For No More Parties In LA.

Over the years Kanye West has changed quite a bit, going from the Pink Polo Luis Vuitton Don of the 2000’s transforming into a self proclaimed “Fashion Icon” known as Yeezus. His music changed right along with him going from dropping classic albums like Graduation to well Yeezus. You get where I’mΒ going with this. As someone who once considered Kanye as one of the best rappers in the game that change in music, well to be more accurate his shift in priorities kind of sucked, at least it did for me. Well last night Mr.West gave me and the rest of his fans a glimmer of hope with the release of the delayed track “No More Parties In LA” Feat. Kendrick Lamar. The track is very reminiscent of a Kanye in his prime with a dope flow and nothing but straight bars over old school sounding beat. Β Kanye killed this track and even out raps Kendrick (which is not an easy task for anyone) To be honest this song along with “Facts” the remix of Jumpan that Kanye put out on New Years Eve has me excited for his upcoming album Swish which is coming soon. Go ahead and giveΒ No More Parties In LA a listen. Be sure to comment below!



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