The 6 God Is Out For Blood


They Don’t Want Us To Have A Bigger Pool Than Kanye.

Over the weekend Drake premiered his new single for his long awaited album Views From The 6 on his OVO sound radio show via Apple Music Titled “Summer Sixteen” aaannnnndddd God damn this man ain’t playing around taking multiple shots at his nemesis Meek Mill and possibly Toronto’s latest’s up and comer Tory Lanez over the the eerie production by frequent collaborators Noah 40 Shebib Boi-1da & Cuebeatz. Drake’s winning formula for his diss tracks are that everything from the production and the hooks are catchy as fuck making you want to listen to them over and over even when you don’t want to which is precisely why Drake emerged victorious from his beef from Meek Mill last summer. I’m on Meek’s side but I’ve listened to it at least 6 times today. Speaking of which Meek Mill dropped his own diss track “War Pains” the last track from the second half of Meek Mill’s Ā 4/4 mixtape mere minutes after the release of Summer Sixteen, in which he responds to Drake likening himself to Jay Z and tells Drake off for taking shots at Tory Lanez. There is no way Meek Mill could have recorded everything that quickly after hearing Summer Sixteen, so the Ovo ship might have sprung a leak, but i’ll get into that later for now just enjoy The 6 God’s appetizer to Views From The 6 HERE

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