Trinidad Jame$ – Just A Lil Thick


She ain’t chubby, she choosy.

Trinidad Jame$ latest offering is the collab absolutely no one saw coming: “Just a Lil Thick” (Feat Mystikal & Lil Dicky). The DJ Mustard produced cut finds all three rappers singing praises to the BBW girls a buck 75 and up, overtop a classic piano loop and some mustard-esque 808’s. Trinidad handles the hook and first verse of the track & Mystikal comes through and blesses the track with his classic “Shake It Fast” vibe. The coldest verse of the whole song goes to probably the only fiscally responsible rapper in the game, Lil Dicky who completely steals the show here. Overall its a fun and hilarious song that has serious potential to make waves in the club & become a big girl anthem. I’m with it šŸ˜œ

*EDIT: The Official Music Video Is Hilarious Lil Dicky Had Me Dying @ 2:38

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