Rittz – Top Of The Line

The Coldest Ginger In The Game


The one thing I really like about Rittz is how grounded he is. Once most rappers get on its all money, hoes and clothes from there, but its different with Rittz. He really does put himself into his music, speaking on things that he actually goes through in his personal life, talking about things like his struggle with addiction, dealing with the pain that comes with being cheated on, the loss of his step-son due to health issues with cancer etc. Because he holds nothing back in his music it makes him very relatable. It also doesn’t hurt that the man has endless bars with a flow second only to his boss Tech N9ne. Β All of these factors come together to make Top Of The Line a great album. Now I usually hate long albums for many reasons. They’re usually jam packed with a bunch of filler songs with a few gems here or there and ultimately feel forced . That is not the case with Top of The Line which comes in at a whopping 24 tracks. (That also includes skits/interludes) Β Between the production that places emphasis on the artists southern hip hop influences and Rittz lyrical ability, Top Of The Line is an album I found myself replaying over and over again. Some of my favorite tracks are My window, Lookin Back Now, Day of the Dead, The Formula, Inside Of The Groove and of course Is That That Bitch. Rittz is a unique artist that makes unique music that stands out from most of the generic stuff that most artists in the genre put out nowadays. Which is why I give Top Of The Line a 9/10. What do you think? Do you agree? Be sure to give the album a listen HEREΒ and comment below!!

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