The Weeknd – STARBOY


The King of Fall Is Back With Another One 

The Weeknd’s latest double disc project STARBOY see’s the Canadian crooner move away from his signature dark r’b esque sound, and that not a bad thing at all. This is probably the most mainstream album The Weeknd has put out and its awesome and pretty diverse as there’s something for everyone in the 18 song cut. Kicking off the album is the Daft Punk produced title track Starboy. The techno-pop, piano laden production is complimented quite nicely by The Weeknd’s vocals and does a good job of setting the tone of the album as something different. Immediately following that is one of my favorite songs on the album (I have more than one) Party Monster. This song goes in with synth driven, bass heavy energetic production that I honestly can’t wait to play at my next party. With a chorus like “Got up thank the lord for the day, woke up by a girl I don’t even know her name” you can’t do anything but turn up. But wait there’s more. Other stand out tracks include Sidewalks featuring Kendrick Lamar in which we find The Weeknd focusing on how he came up from “homeless to Forbe’s List” (Not too shabby) with K-dot spitting a verse that I’m honestly still trying to wrap my head around. Some other tracks that caught my attention were “Love to Lay & A Lonely Night”  where the King of Fall sounds ALOT like the late King Of Pop (at least to me). It’s in these tracks where The Weeknd really flexes his vocal ability and I couldn’t help but to make the comparison to Michael Jackson. But again that’t not a bad thing at all. Both of these songs are great and were stuck on replay for a while. I might add that they are both extremely radio friendly all should be taking over your airwaves eventually. There is so much that is so good about this album that it almost made me forget about it’s one blemish which would be False alarm. It’s not even really a bad song the chorus just kind of sucks and throws me way off. There is soooooo much more but if I touched on all of them this would be 3 pages long. Overall this album is really good and most definitely deserves a listen. Which you can do right HERE.

What did you think? Did you like it? Or did you hate it? Be sure to let me know in the comments!


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