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This Weeks Honorable Mentions

I would love to sit by the computer all day long and write about all the great songs I come across while hunting for new music for djing, but as I’m sure many of you know by now (depending on how old you are) life isn’t fair at all. The fact is as of right now there is only one person running this whole site. This person also had a full-time job, bills to pay, family obligations, and on top of that time has to be set aside for crate work because a good chunk of income comes from djing. The reality is i cant write about EVERY song that comes out, at least not now anyways who knows what the future holds. But anyways on to the good stuff. For all the songs that come out that don’t get awarded club killer or single of the week but are still worthy of recognition, they will fall under the Honorable mentions category. All i’ll do is simply drop a link to the actual song or embed a player so that you can listen to it right here on the site. Now that that’s out the way, lets get to it Continue reading This Weeks Honorable Mentions