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Pro Era’s 3rd Coming – Nyck Caution


       Ok so I know i’m habitually late on the new music coming out I promise i’m making a change in 2K16 so bear with me lol, but that’s not why i’m here.. Im here to tell y’all about one of the latest Pro Era rappers to catch my attention: Nyck Caution. Continue reading Pro Era’s 3rd Coming – Nyck Caution


Sorry For The Hiatus!

Yes people I’m still alive, lol. I’m am sorry I fell off the wagon so soon after starting the site like I said earlier in another blog post its just me, and I have a full time job & I’m going back to college sooooo yeah. But ‘m back like i never left and im going to do my best to get some help with the site and keep it updated. That’s it for now about to get started on The Mix of The Month, and Ive got quite a few L’s of the week to pass out. Stay Tuned!!

XXL Freshman List 2015


I know I’m late af on this but y’all should now how it is a nigga got shit to do, but all that matters is that I’m here to talk about whats important, and right now its this XXL Freshman List 2015. Continue reading XXL Freshman List 2015