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Sounds Of Summer Vol.2


I have returned bearing gifts! Continue reading Sounds Of Summer Vol.2


Pro Era’s 3rd Coming – Nyck Caution


       Ok so I know i’m habitually late on the new music coming out I promise i’m making a change in 2K16 so bear with me lol, but that’s not why i’m here.. Im here to tell y’all about one of the latest Pro Era rappers to catch my attention: Nyck Caution. Continue reading Pro Era’s 3rd Coming – Nyck Caution

DJ Of The Week – Meet DJ Freeez

The idea behind DJ Of The Week was to create a platform where REAL DJ’s on the come up could shine and receive recognition. Nowadays with music and budget DJ gear being widely available, anyone can call themselves a DJ without first putting in the time and effort it takes to learn the craft. So we are here to draw the line and set the real apart from the gimmicks. Now with all that being said, allow me Introduce you DJ Freeez. Continue reading DJ Of The Week – Meet DJ Freeez


Enter The Spotlight – Meet FR$H

DJ’s always have their ears to the ground, listening for the next big anthem or hot new artist, and I’m no different. couple that with me being born and raised in the DMV it would make sense that i’m always looking out for home grown talent on the come up. That is Spotlight’s true purpose: giving musicians, artist and visionaries of the DMV a platform where they can shine and be heard. So for the very first installment in the Spotlight series I am proud to introduce you to FR$H. Continue reading Enter The Spotlight – Meet FR$H